Top 7 reasons to write your will TODAY

Top Reasons To Write Your Will

Writing a Will is the bedrock of financial planning to ensure that you put plans in place for the future and it is surprising to learn that two thirds or adults in England and Wales haven’t got a Will. Most adults have some form of estate which will be distributed on death so please see our top 7 reasons to arrange your Will today:

1) Decide how your estate will be distributed. A Will is a legally binding document which determines how you’re your estate is handled on your death and allow you to ensure that the proceeds are provided for your family.

2) Decide who will look after your children. Absent a Will, the court will decide upon itself who is appointed your children’s guardians, whether family or the state. Make sure you control who and who will not raise your children.

3) Avoid lengthy Probate processes. All estates need to go through the Probate process, whether you have a Will or not, however by having decided how your estate would be distributed this speeds up the process and means the court is not required to divide up your estate, saving on long delays.

4) Keep taxes to a minimum. By having a Will correctly set up you can avoid unnecessary taxes and make sure more of your estate goes to your family.

5) Decide who will look after your affairs. By having the option to select your own Executors, you can make sure that a trusted, honest and organised individual can wind up your affairs in an efficient and timely manner so that your beneficiaries receive their share as quickly and easily as possible.

6) Make gifts and donations. By making gifts and donations to causes which may be important to you will allow your legacy to live on.

7) Avoid added stress for your family. Nobody knows what tomorrow will hold and often it is too late when it comes to thinking about the future. By making sure your wishes on death are written down you can take away the additional stress on your family and allow them to concentrate on remembering you.

Often less expensive than people think, arranging a Will can be a quick and pain free process if you have the correct help and means all your future wishes will be adhered to. With life’s changes this can then easily be updated to make sure your current needs are looked after. For more information and to get a free quote today please get in touch….


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