Why use a mortgage advisor?

Why Use A Mortgage Advisor?

  • Professional Advice – to provide suitable advice on mortgages an advisor is required to obtain suitable qualifications and regulation from the financial services industry, this enables them to make sure that any advice is suitable to your individual circumstances, this is not always the case when speaking to a lender directly.


  • They can do the hard work for you – with a crowded mortgage market in the UK there are a vast number of products and options available, finding the one that best suits your requirement can take a lot of time and effort. A mortgage advisor can do the hard work for you and search the market for the most appropriate deal for you as well as helping you decide which type of mortgage product suits best.


  • They work on your behalf – having an advisor to work on your behalf rather than for the lender means that they will always keep your best interests at heart and find the deal that’s right for you. By having access to a wide range of options the advisor can provide unbiased advice on who can offer you the best deal, this compares to a lender who can only recommend their own products.


  • They know the market – with the criteria of lenders tightening in recent years and the introduction of stricter regulations, it is now more important than ever to make sure you approach the lender who’s right for you. By assessing your circumstances and affordability, an advisor can place your case correctly first time around, subsequently making sure that this is then processed with minimal delays.


  • Value for money – to get appropriate advice and a good service it may be that you need to pay a fee for the service. By having a professional advisor to help you can often save money in the long term as you know you are getting the cheapest deal to meet your needs.


  • More than just a mortgage – there is more to buying a house than arranging a mortgage. An advisor can help you to find a suitable solicitor, advise on an appropriate survey and ensure the mortgage remains affordable in the future by helping to arrange suitable insurance. Having an advisor to help with this will not only ensure that you get it right but in a cost effective way.


  • Added protection – a mortgage advisor has a duty of care to recommend an appropriate mortgage to suit your needs, if for any reason this changes then you have recourse to complain. This differs to arranging a deal directly with a lender where no advice is taken, in which case no such recourse would be available.


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